Posted: 2018-05-20 Edited: 2018-07-02

Many PostERP developers offer free trial services to all registered customers.

Characteristics of PostERP Cloud Information Systems Free Trial Services

Subscribe To Run PostERP Cloud Information Systems

Before the free trial period expires, if you opt to continue to run PostERP Cloud Information Systems, please complete the following steps in order to move the free-trial database as early as possible before it is permantly deleted:

  1. Deposit sufficient fund.
  2. Operate on your control panel on this website and complete below steps.
    1. Rent a server from one of cloud server providers. You decide the server's CPU speed, memory size, disk capacity, and network bandwidth. The cheapest server is €3/month as the time of writing.
    2. Move the PostERP Cloud Information Systems database from developer's server to the server you have rented.

From now on, you continue to run PostERP Cloud Information Systems hosted on your new server running in full speed, and our platform automatically backs up your databases.

From now on, you will need to pay us for both subscriptions of server and PostERP Cloud Information Systems.

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