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The Trend Of Business Information Systems

Posted: 2020-12-22

Small, medium, and micro enterprises (SMB) opting for cloud ERP services, especially for those without IT personnel, is justified.

Those who claim "cloud information systems services expose enterprise customers to security hazards" can not answer the following simple questions:

Enterprise decision makers can easily draw, on the basis of elementary cost and risk analysis, the following concrete instead of abstract conclusion for their information systems strategies:

Information systems providers' lack of decent technology is the major obstacle that slows down their paces of offering enterprise information systems services on cloud.

My predictions of enterprise information systems industry's evolution follow.

  1. The majority of SMB will eventually embrace cloud information systems services, sooner or later.
  2. Large enterprises will continue to buy on-premises ERP software, or to develop them by themselves.
  3. The job opportunities for IT technicians working for enterprise software vendors will be reduced and thus many of them will become employees or third-party developers of the cloud vendors aforementioned in 1.
  4. The job opportunities for IT technicians working for SMB will be reduced and thus many of them will be employed by large enterprises aforementioned in 2.
  5. More enterprise software vendors will follow suit Tera Rows, which has been providing decent cloud enterprise information systems services to SMB since 2016.
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