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Whatever decisions enterprises make here are always appropriate!

Posted: 2016-08-30 Edited: 2018-06-29

PostERP Cloud Services

PostERP Cloud Services are the industry best information systems for your subscriptions.

By running information systems for your businesses on our platform, you focus on your businesses, we will handle the rest.

Subscription fee is charged on disk space usage basis.
Subscription fee is calculated basing on the daily disk space occupied by your database regardless of how many other resources you may consume - number of users, CPU, memory, network traffic..etc.Learn more.
You determine hardware for your servers.
You rent servers from cloud server providers through our system. You decide your servers' specifications - CPU power, memory size, disk capacity, and network speed. You can also rent dedicated servers to run only your information systems and do not share with any other noisy neighbor. Yes, dedicated servers are cheap, too!
Launching information systems is easy.
Simply send Bitcoin as your fund to the receiving address shown on your account page to rent a server and run an information system immediately.
You may switch to on-premises any time.
You may purchase PostERP software system, download your database any time, restore the database to your local server, cancel the subscription of PostERP cloud services, and start managing information systems yourself.

PostERP Software Systems

PostERP software systems are worthy of your acquisition.

You are entitled to have full control of your business information with PostERP.

Important notice

  • PostERP information system software is an on-premises product. We do not refund after you have paid for this product and registered your organization names into the PostERP database under your management.
  • We currently only provide the desktop version of PostERP information system software that runs only in Windows.
  • You can not upload the database of PostERP information system software, which is of course under your supervision, to our PostERP cloud services.
  • We do not guarantee that we will provide upgrade services to PostERP software system after it is sold out.

We unleash enterprises' power, not lock in.

We fully respect the free wills of corporate decision makers.

Here, enterprises have the absolute freedom:

  • to have the world top experts design information systems only for your organizations
  • to work on your site with the best information systems consultants who happen to be your neighbors
    • either to run evergreen information systems on our cloud,
    • or to autonomously manage and run information systems in your own data centers.
  • to decide the powers of your servers and network
  • Learn more services and products.