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What Is R3 Thin Client?

Posted: 2016-08-30 Edited: 2017-12-21

R3 Thin Client is a client system that connects to SAP R/3 server and enables its users to engage SAP R/3 more efficiently as follows:

  • performing data entry, data inquiry, or executing business logic by working on screens presented by 14,000 function modules and BAPI
  • designing report templates for end users to read data sets directly from Oracle database server, bypassing R/3 ABAP server, and produce reports

    The report template design procedure is as simple as follows:

    1. coding SQL select command using R3 Thin Client client
    2. drawing report layout using mouse and keyboard using R3 Thin Client client
    3. specifying in R3 Thin Client the SQL parameters that will prompt end users' answer
    4. attaching report templates to menu items
    5. granting privileges
    With above jobs done, your global end users can start to click on menu items to produce reports in their local languages.
R3 Thin Client Architecture

Partial list of R3 Thin Client system features

  • R3 Thin Client server establishes only a few number of connections with SAP R/3 ABAP server.
  • The size of R3 Thin Client client program file is only 2MB. Installation is not required. Users simply click on one .exe file and start to work on R/3 ERP.
  • Data transfered between R3 Thin Client client and R3 Thin Client server are encrypted and compressed. VPN or high speed network is not required.
  • R3 Thin Client handles BAPI. After each successful BAPI call, COMMIT statement is sent to R/3 ABAP server.
  • R3 Thin Client writes logs for update function module calls for user's auditing.
screen shot of BAPI_FLBOOKING_GETLIST operation

Please refer to manual for more details.


  • We do not provide cloud subscription service for this product. We only sell this software as a product.
  • Please refer to manual regarding its limitations.