Posted: 2016-08-30 Edited: 2017-12-15
There are two reasons for which you want to use R3 Thin Client:
  1. R3 Thin Client reads data sets directly from Oracle database management system (DBMS) using SQL without ABAP to produce reports and brings the following advantages to your organization, you, and your staff:
    • It is beneficial to your organization. Training is a cost. From your corporate point of view, paying you or your subordinates to learn a new proprietary programming language is an additional cost. If you or your staff are willing to use the well known industry standard, SQL, instead, the training overhead and time consumption will not happen to your organization.
    • It boosts IT department's productivity.
      Coding pure SQL is far more productive than coding procedural languages, in particular the COBOL-like programming language. Because procedural languages always require much more amount of code to get the same result data set generated by a single SQL SELECT, people should always use only SQL wherever possible unless
      • The database was poorly designed - namely, the database that is not in 4th or higher normal form.
      • The calculation logic is too complex for pure SQL to cope with. (In such rare case, again, stored procedure rather than ABAP should be used if IT department's productivity and overall system performance matter.)
    • Practicing SQL is beneficial to you and your staff. ABAP is a proprietary programming language or software development tool. It is useful only if you or your staff plan to stick to this proprietary software in all your life time. On the other hand, SQL is industry standard. Everyone in this industry talks about SQL. This industry demands technical people possess SQL skill.
    • Reading data from DBMS bypassing application servers completely offload unnecessary burden from these bypassed application servers. This benefit becomes especially prominent if your organization is experiencing ABAP servers crawling like snails.
  2. R3 Thin Client enables users to call any remotely enabled SAP R/3 function modules or BAPI.

    • Depending on what functionality a given function module may provide, R3 Thin Client enables end users to
      • enter data
      • inquire data
      • execute business logics
      • export the data generated by function module calls
      without using SAP R/3 GUI client. This is especially useful for repeating works where only a few screens, which correspond to specific function modules, are needed by an end user.
    • R3 Thin Client establishes only a few connections with SAP R/3 ABAP server. This effectively reduces the load on SAP R/3 ABAP server.
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