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PostERP - The ERP For Both Cloud Subscription And Your Ownership

Posted: 2016-08-30 Edited: 2017-12-27

What is PostERP?

Entrepreneur's Point Of View

PostERP is a collection of ready made ERP systems for various industries. Enterprises choose one of the following two options:

  1. Subscribe these ERP systems and enjoy our cloud ERP services without headache.
  2. Purchase and download one database backup file. Then restore it back to PostgreSQL and start to run a local instance of ERP system in their infrastructure.

Information Systems Developer's Point Of View

PostERP is a business applications development framework for technical person or teams with PostgreSQL skills to develop business information systems for various industries - machinery, furniture, ship building, footwear, multi-level marketing, intellectual property rights attorney, government, electronic, insurance, forwarder, shipping, power plant, etc. - and run SaaS business on this platform. You use PostERP to quickly develop a high performance ERP system that completely meets your customers' needs.

Please visit here for more information.

All these business information systems except R3 Thin Client for various industries are developed on this business applications development framework.