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All PostERP Editions Include Accounting Module

Posted: 2023-01-10 Edited: 2023-01-10

Every PostERP edition for various industry's use bundles accounting module that seamlessly integrates other business modules.

Financial Statements

Technical-Personnel-Design Financial Statements

Tera Rows or organization customer's IT staffs create on PostERP these type of reports.

Designers need to possess the knowledge of both PostgreSQL SELECT SQL and accounting to create these reports.

PostERP accounting users print cash flow statement any time without prior manual compilation or adjustment.

Financial-Personnel-Design Financial Statements

PostERPFinancial staffs can freely define, create, modify, and delete this type of reports.

Accounting knowledge is all you need to designer this type of reports.

Tera Rows prefabricated the following reports of this type.

PostERP Accounting Module Is IFRS-17 Compliant.

Please refer to Insurers Digitally Transform Businesses This Way to Comply with IFRS 17

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