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Posted: 2017-05-20 Edited: 2022-05-08

Leverage Your PostgreSQL Expertise And Run Your Own SaaS Business.

Your Customers Need You

Everyone with PostgreSQL skill can become a good business information systems developer and run your information technology business on this platform. "Information systems" can be ERP system, SCM system, or CRM system, etc... for governments, enterprises, or non-profit entities.

You set the prices of your services and products and rent and sell them on this platform and become a business owner as a world class provider selling cloud SaaS and on-premises software products.

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Collaborate And Share

You collaborate with us to provide together the best services and products to our common customers and share profits.

Questions And Answers

Where is the technical document?
Development documentation is here.
What are the technical prerequisits for an information systems developer?
  • PostgreSQL
  • business domain knowledge
  • elementary accounting
How long will it take me to complete an information system for my niche industry?

Being a true SaaS developer with high productivity on this platform, you will be completing your information systems usually within weeks or even days rather than months or years, depending on the scales of your information systems.

Take this information system as an example, we spent 10 man-day to complete the whole design, while this information system took us about 3 man-week to finish the design.

High speed systems development impacts two folds:

  • Your cost is minimal.
  • You quickly respond to your customers' requests, meaning that your high service quality is unquestionable.
Why accounting knowledge is essential?

It is because you are developing business information systems for enterprises. Most organizations heavily rely on accounting. As such, an information system without accounting functionality is often considered as an "incomplete, not fully integrated" one.

However, you do not need to worry about this at all! Every new information system you launch, an extremely flexible, powerful, yet unbelievably simple and tiny accounting module is automatically included in your database. Simply have your newly developed modules insert rows into 5 or so tables as accounting journal, then your information system is the state of "business modules being seamlessly integrated with accounting" and is ready for your customers' accounting staff to harvest the crops grown by their colleagues in other departments.

Nevertheless, before you can correctly insert your data rows into three of the journal tables, you must first have a clear idea of the most fundamental accounting concept - debit and credit. In order to acquire that simple concept, we advice you to borrow, not buy, an entry level accounting book from your nearby library and spend 3 or so hours studying it.

Which programming languages and web design skills do I have to learn?

Other than PostgreSQL, none.

None of these languages or frameworks is required: C++, Java, Delphi, Ruby, web frontend, web backend, multi-thread programming, networking, COBOL's cousin ABAP,.. etc.

We don't want to waste your precious time demanding you to learn yet another API unless you want to exchange data in very fast pace between PostgreSQL databases and outside world such as IoT. PostgreSQL is your only friend worth your time to know better.

Which industries can I develop my information systems for my customers?

Any industries - government, manufacturing, distribution, hospital, education, senior citizen center, forwarder, shiper, insurance, reinsurance, intellectual property rights attorney office, estate management,.. etc. The list is unexaustable.

If your customers prefer to describe your information systems as ERP system, SCM system, CRM system, HRM system,...etc., it is also absolutely adequate as they really are.

You know your niche industries. Focus on them. Go ahead and help your customers succeed in their industries and consequently make your business successful!

Which size of organizations for which can I develop information systems on this platform?
SOHO, small, medium, and large companies. All of them. Each PostgreSQL database handles unlimited number of a customer's organizations - headquarters, branch offices, departments, factories, etc.
Does your platform allows me to design information systems that run efficiently?

Yes. Your information systems will run lightening fast unsurpassed by other fat complicated crawling ones, especially because you know much better than us how to push PostgreSQL's power to its limit. Your customers will most likely be satisified with your systems' high performance.

PostgreSQL is the workhorse of your information systems each comprises the following components:

  • PostgreSQL
  • lightweight http server (cloud), or lightweight application server (on-premises)
  • browsers (cloud), or thin client program (on-premises)

The bottle neck of performance lies in PostgreSQL (and browsers for cloud version).

Do I need to develop both cloud version and on-premises version in order to statisfy different customers' preferences?
You develop only one version. Your work automatically runs on both environments.
How can I withdraw my profits?

We are building the mechanism so that you will be able to withdraw your profit from Payoneer.

How to best describe this platform?
This is a multi-developer, multi-tenant, multi-industry, multi-application SaaS and PaaS platform bridging leading information systems developers and enterprises.

Start Your Business

We invite you to follow this procedure to become an information systems developer and run your business right on this platform:

  1. Carefully read this strategic alliances agreement.
  2. Charge Fund

    After sigining in to this website, you will be able to charge your fund through PayPal.

    Important! We do not refund.

    You will be able to manage your account information after you sign in to this site. On your account page, your fund balance is displayed.

    Each developer requires a server on which to develop one ore more business information systems. Therefore, you must rent through our system a server from an IaaS provider to host your development environment. By leasing that server, your fund balance in our system decreases accordingly which is used to pay the IaaS provider.

  3. Refer to PostERP metadata base project and start developing your information systems.
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