The Best Information Systems Strategy For Super Large Organizations Such As Military Defense And Multinational Enterprises

Posted: 2017-05-20 Edited: 2023-11-01

Super large organizations like military and defense have a large IT army with proficient IT expertise.

The Low-code on-premise PostERP development and execution framework with full software source code, mostly FOSS, and documentation, is your organization's best choice for two reasons:

1. Your organization wants to avoid being permenently locked in by ERP vendors.

There are two facets of ERP vendor lock-in's:

  1. ERP software
  2. RDBMS
As a top IT manager in a large organization, you know exactly if you're locked into an ERP vendor.

2. Governments, especially the Department of Defense, want to ensure that there is absolutely no (implanted?) backdoor in ERP software, RDBMS and OS.

  1. As the IT decision maker in a critical government sector, are you sure there absolutely is no backdoor in your ERP software?

    PostERP 【framework】 is built entirely on FOSS except the reporting component.

    → You can buy the source codes of PostERP framework and your IT experts can scrutinize every single line of PostERP code to verify the possible flaws in the framework.

  2. Are you sure there absolutely is no backdoor in the RDBMS you are using?

    PostERP is powered by the battlefield tested PostgreSQL, a FOSS.

  3. As the IT decision maker, you perfectly understand the quality of the bloated and slow crawling Windowz 10, 11,...20.

    But like us, you probably have no idea how many backdoors there might be in that OS.

    PostERP server runs in Linux.

    PostERP performance

    PostERP performance

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