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How To Subscribe Services/Buy Products

Posted: 2016-08-30 Edited: 2018-06-29
  1. Charge Fund


    We do not refund.

    Do not send any fund to us before you make sure our services or products suit your business requirements by testing our PostERP cloud services.

    The web page for you to manage your account information can be accessed after you sign in to this website. Your fund balance is displayed on that web page.

    Every cost incurred from the subscription of our PostERP cloud services, buying our PostERP on-premises software products, or on-site consulting, etc. will deduct from this fund balance.

    Here are the approaches you may take to charge your fund blances:

    automatic processing:

    We do not snail mail invoice to our customers for fund received from this approach.

    Simply send Bitcon to designated Bitcoin receiving address, which will appear on account management web page after you sign in to this website.

    manual processing:

    We take 5% from each received fund as VAT.
    We snail mail invoice to our customers for every fund received from this approach.

    Please deposit fund in TWD at this bank account:

    • bank name: The Shanghai Commercial & Savings Bank, Ltd.
    • account name: Tera Rows Ltd.
    • account: 53-1-02-00-001700-3

    After each deposit, please send an e-mail with the following information at the address displayed on the bottom of our site home page:

    • your VAT number
    • your sign-in account on this website
    • the deposit date and time in Taipei time zone
    • the deposit amount in TWD

    We will manually do the following tasks in 24 hours:

    1. Subtract 5% the amount of received fund as VAT. The amount after the subtact is called as net received fund in TWD.
    2. Convert net received fund in TWD to RMB by referencing to the mid exchange rate announced by Bank Of Taiwan.
    3. Add the RMB to the fund balance associated with your sign in account.

    Before requesting for invoice with snail mail, please ensure you have sufficient fund balance for the snail mail costs.

  2. Subscribe Cloud ERP ServicesBuy Products