SMB Run Cloud ERP

Posted: 2016-08-30 Edited: 2020-03-04

ERP users of medium, small, and tiny businesses use browsers on desktop or pad computers to run PostERP anytime anywhere.

Business owners do not need to purchase hardware servers or backup databases on your own.

You always run the most up-to-date evergreen ERP software systems.

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You focus on your businesses. We take care of the rest for you.

Now sign up and instantly run PostERP Cloud Information Systems.

Firstly, try out PostERP Cloud Information Systems for free.

Subscribe PostERP Cloud Services with petty cash after you are satisfied with its quality.

We do not filter your identity.

Run ERP instantly. It normally takes you less than 3 minutes before you begin to run your own instance of PostERP Cloud Information System and to manage unlimited number of your companies.

Please refer to the important notice about PostERP Cloud Information free trial services.

Service fee is calculated exclusively on basis of the number of concurrent users.

When an application's free trial period is about to expire, you can choose to subscribe to that application with petty cash to continue to run PostERP Cloud accounting, distribution, manufacturing ERP, etc. information systems.

None of the number of data records or usages of disk space, network traffic, CPU, and memory, etc. is metered.

You can convert cloud ERP to on-premises ERP anytime.

We grow with customers, not lock in your development potentials.

Your enterprise grows? Congratulations! You are welcome to run PostERP software systems in your own computer rooms anytime by following these steps:

  1. Buy PostERP software system.
  2. Download your PostERP cloud database as files.
  3. Restore the downloaded files to your own local server.
  4. Cancel PostERP Cloud Information System subscription.

You hereafter manage PostERP Information System by yourself.

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