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Our Cloud ERP Services

Posted: 2016-08-30 Edited: 2018-06-30

This article applies only to our PostERP cloud services, not to our on-premises ERP products.

The web site addresses of your PostERP cloud services subscription can be seen on your control panel on this official web site.

This cloud platform provides PostERP cloud services to world customers. All customers' users can access to any instance of PostERP information system if he/she succeeds in logging in to that specific PostERP information system instance. PostERP cloud users must enter the following information to login to PostERP servers:
Application ID

Each customer can subscribe more than one application on behalf of a specific organization.

After you launch one specific application instance for an organization under your management, our system works to prepare that application exclusive for that organization. Once the preparation completes, the system assigns an unique application ID to that application instance for that specific organization. From now on, that specific organization's users can access that specific PostERP information system instance by logging to cloud PostERP server with this application ID among others.
Authentication Phrase

Being the "controller" of your organizations, you must add one more layer of protection to your subscriptions by inventing an authentication phrase for each organization as an additional sign in prompt to make it more difficult for intruders to guess. authentication phrase can be any combination of letters, symbols, and numbers that appear on your keyboard. A proper authentication phrase can be one that the specific organization users can remember while outsiders can not easily guess.

We highly recommend you assign a different secret string for each of your organization and acknowledge your organization users.

After you have told our system to launch an application for one of your organizations and once that application instance becomes ready for services, at least the following log in accounts with highest privilege are automatically created for your logging in:

LanguageLogin Account
Simplified Chinesecn
Traditional Chinesetw