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PostERP Is Both Service And Product

Posted: 2016-08-30 Edited: 2018-07-02

Reasons You Will Subscribe PostERP Cloud ERP Services

  • Your organizations do not have IT technical personnel.
  • Your organizations will always be using our evergreen PostERP services.
  • The impact of temporary Internet disconnection on your organizations is affordable.
  • Your organizations do not have extremely high quality of hardware and infrastructure for servers.

Reasons You Will Buy PostERP ERP Software Systems

  • Your organizations have skilled IT technical personnels who are able to customize our PostERP systems.
  • Your businesses are not affordable to the impact of any Internet disconnection.
  • Your organizations have invested on extremely high quality of hardware and infrastructure for servers.

Either Subscribe Our ERP Cloud Services Or Host ERP Information Systems In Your Own Computer Centers

PostERP Cloud Services For Your Subscription

  • Subscription is unbelievably easy. We do not filter your identity.
  • Instant kicking off your businesses: The PostERP services normally become available within 30 seconds after you launch a brand new instance of cloud PostERP cloud services application for one of your organizations (note that each instance of cloud PostERP cloud services handles unlimited number of companies, which that organization's users can switch back and forth on-the-fly).
  • Ridiculously low subscription fees.
  • Your business data is under our strict protection.

PostERP Software System For Your Purchase

on-premises PostERP software allows your organization's autonomous and perpetual customization and development.

  • PostERP services/products run a number of industries which keeps increasing.
  • Core functionalities such as screens, user interfaces, business flow, reports, modules, etc. are nearly the same between cloud on line PostERP services and PostERP on-premises software system.