Posted: 2016-08-30 Edited: 2020-03-02

Enterprise Owners Take Giveaway now!

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Use giveaway to run ERP for free.

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ERP Professionals Run Your SaaS Businesses On This Platform

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Technical persons and teams, consultants join this PaaS and run your own SaaS businesses.

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Run cloud ERP anywhere using desktop computers and smart cell phones.

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The ERP is so easy that everyone can run it by self learning.

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Cloud ERP

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Enterprises rent a server for 2€ a month, focus their own businesses and leave the rest to us.

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On-premises ERP

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Enterprises can also run on-premises ERP in their own computer rooms.

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Flexible, Adaptive

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The ERP fits your organizations in all sizes now and future.

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Your Business Data Is Secured

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Our cloud Services protects your business data.

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Lightening High Speed

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The investment on infrastructure is record-breakingly low.

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Accounting Seamlessly Integrated

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Financial module immediately refects all transactions.

True Multilingual


Switch languages on-the-fly. One report template prints reports in various languages.

Use PostgreSQL


Investment on commercial database management systems is not required.

As Light As A Feather

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Maintaining the system is easy as it is light.


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The ERP is always ready to talk with outside world - MESIoT... in high speed.

❮ Time To Leverage Your PostgreSQL Expertise And Run Your Own Business Super High Level Of Our Cloud ERP Data Protection ❯