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Businesses of all sizes run the same single version of PostERP.

We solve these problems for you.

Our large enterprises have a proficient IT team. We want to implement ERP, customize ERP, and manage ERP ourselves.

PostERP ERP framework is your best option for deploying as an on-premises information system in your infrastructure.

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We spent money to buy an ERP only to find that it doesn't fit our business!

We recommend that you run cloud PostERP for two months free of charge with your browser before deciding on the next step.

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My small business doesn't have IT staff with proficient ERP expertise.

Subscribe to PostERP cloud services with pocket money and let us take care of your business information systems.

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ERP is difficult to use, reducing the efficiency of employees.

PostERP is so easy to use that everyone can practice and become proficient.

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Other ERP vendors don't customize their cloud ERP for our special needs!

Cloud PostERP subscribers can get customization services.

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We are super large organization and want to avoid being kidnapped by any ERP vendor.

You can buy the source code of PostERP, the low-code ERP development and execution framework.

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Are You Ready for Incoming IFRS 17 New Era?

Chairman, CEO, CIO, CFO, actuary in

life insurance company, property insurance company, reinsurance company

rides IFRS 17 wave and take your career to the next level with this simple way to digitally transform your business.

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