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Businesses of all sizes run the same PostERP.

PostERP removes the barriers to Your Digital Transformation

Our large enterprises have a proficient IT team. We want to implement ERP, customize ERP, and manage ERP ourselves.

The ERP development and execution framework PostERP is your best option for deploying as an on-premise information system in your infrastructure.

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ERP is difficult to use, reducing the efficiency of employees.

PostERP is so easy to use that everyone can practice and become proficient.

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We spent a lot of cash on an ERP, only to find it wasn't right for our business!

You can try out PostERP cloud free of charge with your browser before deciding on the next step.

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My small business doesn't have IT staff with proficient ERP expertise.

Subscribe to PostERP cloud services with pocket money and let us take care of your business information systems.

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Other cloud ERP cannot be customized to meet our special requirements!

You subscribe to PostERP cloud and get deep and comprehensive customization services.

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We are super large organization and want to avoid being kidnapped by any ERP vendor.

You can buy the source code of PostERP, the low-code ERP development and execution framework.

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Enterprises Grow With PostERP, IT Professionals Run SaaS Businesses On This Platform

SME Run Cloud PostERP

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You SME owner subscribe cloud PostERP ERP service. Focus your own business and leave the rest to us.

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Super Large Organization Run On-premises PostERP

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Multi-national organization deploys on-premise PostERP in your computer room.

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Try PostERP For Free

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You won't regret following the pay-for-value rule.

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Mobilized ERP

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Run cloud ERP anywhere using desktop and pad computers.

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PostERP is so easy that you can run it by self learning.

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Flexible, Adaptive

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PostERP fits your business in any size.

This low-code ERP development and operation framework is very easy to comprehensively customize to closely match your organization's growth.

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Your Business Data Is Secured

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PostERP cloud Service protects your business data.

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Lightweight, Lightening fast

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Infrastructure investment to run PostERP is at an all-time low.

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Seamlessly Integrated Finance Module

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Financial module immediately refects all monentary related transactions occurred in all other modules.

True Multilingual


Switch languages on-the-fly. One report template prints reports in various languages.

Use PostgreSQL


No need to invest in commercial database management systems.

As Light As A Feather

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PostERP is easy to maintain because it is lightweight.


pixabay flexible

Your ERP is always ready to talk with outside world - MESIoT... in high speed.

ERP Professionals Run Your SaaS Businesses On This Platform

PostgreSQL techie

ERP Technical individuals, teams and consultants run your own cloud SaaS business on this PaaS platform.

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Are You Ready for Incoming IFRS 17 New Era?

Chairman, CEO, CIO, CFO, actuary in

life insurance company, property insurance company, reinsurance company

rides IFRS 17 wave and take your career to the next level with this simple way to digitally transform your business.

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